NovaLyte™ News

New Products for 2008
  • NovaLyte™ - unveiled the first multi-channel "True Random Flicker" module for the dollhouse and miniature industry at the CIMTA Las Vegas 2008 Trade Show in January. The miniature room setting displayed at the CIMTA Las Vegas Show contained candle flame bulbs in a six arm "multi-wire" chandelier, two 2-light wall sconces, two single candles (all by Clare-Bell Brass Works), and a NovaLyte™ LED powered fireplace all controlled by one NLFF-4 module - the effect was amazingly realistic!

    The NLFF-4 module offers four independent channels to control any combination of standard 12 volt miniature light bulbs or NovaLyte™ LED Lighting products totaling up to 1800 MA. Its small size (only 1.25" x 2.25" x .75") allows it to easily be hidden from view. The "True Random Flicker" created by the NLFF-4 allows miniature fireplaces and candle flame bulbs to "look and act" like real flames without the predictable flashing rhythms seen in other units. The module also provides an "intensity rate" adjustment which allows you to set the "flame intensity" from a subtle candle shimmer to that of a raging bonfire. The incredibly realistic "flame" effect generated by the NLFF-4 makes it ideal for use with miniature fireplaces, candles, sconces, chandeliers, candelabras, or any place a realistic "flame effect" is desired in a miniature creation.

  • Clare-Bell Brass Works - displayed several new NovaLyte™ powered chandeliers (2, 3, 4 , and 5 light) and sconces at the CIMTA Las Vegas 2008 Trade Show in January. Also introduced was the miniature industry's first "multi-wire" 6 light chandelier connected to the new NovaLyte™ NLFF-4 multi-channel "True Random Flicker" module which created a truly realistic independent candle flame effect within a multi-light chandelier.

    Clare-Bell Brass Works, well known for high quality precision engineered products, feels that the extreme durability and lifetime of NovaLyte LED's will allow their beautifully crafted products to operate "maintenance free" for several generations. When referring to their new NovaLyte™ powered products they state simply "...never change a light bulb again..." - and they mean it! Their plans are to convert as many of their lighting products as possible to NovaLyte LED's.

    In addition to their NovaLyte™ powered products, Clare-Bell is also offering all of their multi-light products (chandeliers, sconces, candelabras, etc.) in a "multi-wire" configuration allowing them to be connected to different channels of the NovaLyte NLFF-4 "Random Flicker" module resulting in several independent "flicker" rates within a single "multi-light" fixture - a far more realisic effect than all of the lights in one fixture "flickering" in unison.

    We encourage you to visit our friends at Clare-Bell Brass Works and view all of their exquisite products.

    Dedication to the standards of high quality, durability, realism, innovation, excellence, and longevity of product life shared by NovaLyte™ and Clare-Bell Brass Works insures an absolute "win" for all miniaturists.